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Our publishing house was born in 1994, producing the very first «reining only» magazine in Europe: The Reiner of Italy. At that time, and for many years to follow, we were producing the only publication – together with the US NRHA Reiner – completely dedicated to the reining industry all over the world.


On May 2014, our historic Italian magazine said a last goodbye to all its loyal readers who had accompanied us over the last twenty years of the journal’s history and welcomed the new members of the Reiner of Europe family: the Best Breeders’ Publications. The time had come to take advantage of our lengthy experience and the rich specialist breeders database compiled over time, by optimizing its use through the welath of opportunties that internet now offers, thus considerably boosting our readership and the target audience for our clients.


We already had extensive experience dealing with breeding registers as for over a decade our publishing house had been editing a stallion yearbook for reining horses, second only to the American editions. This publication, which has evolved over the years, remains the only technical publication of reference for the European world of reining. On 2013, its pan-European vocation became clear when it appeared in English and included some of the best stallions of the continent. Our staff has grown with the precious help of some English and German contributors, and with the 2014 edition the international focus has expanded and consolidated, and major technical innovations have been introduced. The print publication has been joined by an online edition available on computers, smartphones and tablets. Given the huge success of the online 2014 Stallion Register, we decided to follow the same criteria to produce The Best in Europe Mare Register and the Best Stables in Europe, completing the Breeders’ Publications family. For now…